Fleet Relocation
We relocate your vehicles anywhere in North America.
Just as we serve our ball clubs we are able to move your fleets as well, Whether it be 10 or 100 vehicles we will take all precautions to ensure your fleet arrives in the same shape they were picked up in ! Also if you have 50 vehicles or more to move at once we will fly out & personally inspect the vehicles as well as the loading process. This assurance comes from personally hauling open cars for 10 years & enclosed cars for 10 years so we know what to look for in the inspection & loading process. Open car transport is also an option,with thousands of open carrier’s at our disposal we can handle any type vehicle anywhere in North America usually within a couple days!

Exotic Car Transport
HighClass MotorSports has safely delivered Ferraris, Porsches, Lotuses and Lamborghinis, to name just a few. Many auto shipping companies’ ship sports cars from one state to another and HighClass MotorSports is no exception. Sports cars require special care while they are being transported and HighClass MotorSports gives you the options you need. Again, enclosed auto shipping is your best bet when it comes to transporting your sports car because it will be protected from the sun, heat, air, snow, rain, etc.

We are developing Drive Away Services for clients that prefer not to ship and want a more personal touch devoted to relocation of their vehicles. This service consists of us personally picking up the vehicle & driving it to its finnal destination.