About Us

 I started hauling & transporting vehicles on an open carrier 18 wheeler back in the 90’s. As any carrier you have to pay your dues & put in the work.  I started hauling wrecked cars from the Southeast down to the Old Mexico Border, then I went to hauling auction cars from the Southeast to California for a few years. Then I was offered a job transporting factory new vehicles to dealerships all over the U.S, I did this for several years an was in the top 10 of several hundred drivers our company had. 

 I received a call around 2005 offering me a job transporting Classic & Exotic cars all over the U.S & Canada. This meant I would be handling cars like Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Rolls Royce & rare classic cars. I wasn’t sure about this move at first having that much responsibility but it didn’t take long to realize I was very good at it, transporting cars for people like Nicholas Cage, Jay Leno, Burt Reynolds, Shaq, etc. and going to Barret Jackson & Meacom auctions, along the way meeting & transporting a few baseball players cars. It wasn’t long before more & more players were asking me to take care of their car transport & before you know it the Royals ask if I could handle moving all the major league team & players’ cars from their spring training complex in Arizona to their home stadium in KC as well as their 4 minor league affiliates to their cities. I did this a couple years, then one day while loading the Royals cars the Rangers came over an asked Can you help us? Of course I said absolutely.  In 2009 I accepted a job out of Los Angeles with a company transporting port to dealer Lamborghini’s & taking new Lamborghini’s to photo shoots, TV shows as well as track events all over the U.S. & Canada. Also taking these cars to shows such as Pebble Beach & Amelia Island. They continued to let me keep pursuing my baseball ambitions acquiring more & more players along the way. I stayed with this company till 2013 when I was asked if I would like to drive the hauler for the newly Lamborghini Racing experience which I enjoyed greatly. 

 In 2014 not only was I handling 20-30 players’ vehicle moves, the Royals & Rangers major and minor league team moves, I started moving cars for other minor league teams such as the Dodgers, Angels & Nationals. I bought a 3 car truck & trailer where I could spend more time in the office and stay closer to home focusing on baseball. As our company grew with more players we also started picking up management firms that handle players’ day to day business & accounting as well as several agents for the players.   In 2018 the White Sox was looking for someone new to take over their vehicle moves and the Royals & Rangers referred me. After this it was time to come off the road and stay home & in the office. In 2021, I started working with the Padres, Diamond Backs, Phillies & Mets all while picking up new players & agents.   We do all we can to ensure that any of the teams as well as the hundreds of players we transport gets what they pay for. Someone who will answer the phone & should there ever be an issue, stick with it until it’s resolved. I know this site is a little different from others but I wanted you to see what you’re getting when you have HighClass.

Owner: Paul Davis
Office manager: Kim Davis

 Highclass Motorsports Brokerage Clients

Texas Rangers, Kansas City Royals, Chicago White Sox, San Diego Padres, Arizona Diamondbacks, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Mets. 
Along with numerous consulting firms & agencies.
Allen Berg Racing School
Allen Berg Racing Schools has trusted HCMS with the relocation of their race cars from tracks in Canada to tracks in the USA.
Texas Rangers
The Texas Rangers have used HCMS to relocate their players vehicles for the season or trades or any other transport request.
Kansas City Royals
The Kansas City Royals have used HCMS to relocate their playere vehicles for the season or trades or any other transport request.